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Vesti Totty Holster

VESTI Totty Holster


The VESTI Holster leather Totty is handmade and has two pockets that have a sturdy cowhide finish and the over the shoulder straps are a comfortable elastic. The product comes in black with gold accessories. The Holster fits comfortably over the shoulders and each side pocket holds several different types of tools such as a cell phone, pens, a mini IPAD, clippers, pruners, cutters, and scissors, tape measure, walkie-talkies, and any other type of necessity needed to produce your next event. It’s also perfect for wait staff as it can hold a wine or beer opener, a mini IPAD, and order tickets, there is a secret money pocket hidden in the enclosed pocket with a secure flap so everything stays tightly secured. The VESTI is  ultra slim and lightweight, it will neatly fit against the sides of your body and under your arms. It can hide perfectly under a blazer or it can be a hip accessory to wear with a dress or all types of business attire.

The VESTI comes as one component and has adjustable shoulder straps to adjust the height and length of your VESTI. It fits sizes XS- XXL.

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